Paraguayan Anti-Crime Prosecutor Is Assassinated in Colombia

Paraguayan Anti-Crime Prosecutor Is Assassinated in Colombia

On Tuesday, Marcelo Pecci, Paraguay’s prosecutor against organized crime, was assassinated on an island near Cartagena city, where he was on his honeymoon.


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On April 30, Pecci married journalist Claudia Aguilera, with whom he traveled to the island of Baru in the Caribbean Sea.

«A person aboard a jet ski was opened fire on the anti-drug prosecutor,» Colombian journalist Andres Vizcaino reported for the Paraguayan outlet Radio ?anduti.

«It is a very recent event… we are in contact with the National Police authorities in Cartagena,» sources from the Paraguayan embassy in Colombia said.

According to the Paraguayan outlet ABC, the 45-year-old prosecutor was one of the officials assigned to the investigation of «A Ultranza», a massive drug trafficking and money laundering scheme. He was also in charge of the investigation of the attack that occurred at the Ja’umina music festival and the murder of the Amambay Governor’s daughter.

The tweet reads, «Warning! Paraguayan anti-crime prosecutor murdered during honeymoon on Isla Baru.»

«Criminal investigation and intelligence authorities are in the area with Ms. Pecci. They are already taking all appropriate measures and conducting the investigation,» the Embassy said.

Although local authorities did not give details about the ongoing investigation, the National Police said its director, General Jorge Vargas, is traveling to Cartagena City.

Local officers are already in contact with the Paraguayan Prosecutor’s Office and with U.S. authorities, according to Gen. Vargas, who announced that a multinational team will be formed «to bring those responsible for the crime to justice as quickly as possible.»