Star Wars to debut new series, «The Mandalorian»

Star Wars to debut new series, "The Mandalorian" 

Photograph provided by Disney and Lucasfilm on April 14, 2019, to promote their live-action streaming series «The Mandalorian,» which will debut on Nov. 12, 2019. EFE-EPA/ Disney-Lucasfilm/Editorial Use Only/No Sales

Chicago, Apr 14 (efe-epa).- Star Wars has added to its catalog of products a new series – «The Mandalorian» – the first live-action series in the history of the franchise and the first images and logo of which were unveiled here on Sunday.

Starring in the series will be Chilean actor Pedro Pascal, well-known for his appearances in «Games of Thrones» and «Narcos,» and it will debut on Nov. 12 on the future streaming content platform Disney+.

Jon Favreau – of «Iron Man» and «The Jungle Book» – is the screenwriter and executive producer for a completely new saga that revolves around the figure of a mysterious warrior, played by Pascal.

The story line deals with a galactic bounty hunter named the Mandalorian who moves in the Star Wars underworld and accepts a key job from a new employer five years after the Rebellion toppled the Galactic Empire in «Return of the Jedi,» a period in galactic history when only remnants of the Empire remain, law and order have broken down and chaos reigns, especially along the galaxy’s outer rim.

Favreau, a long-time Star Wars fan, said that «The Mandalorian» presents a time in the galaxy’s history that nobody has seen up to now with new planets, species and characters incorporated into the original universe created by George Lucas back in 1977.

Favreau said that the series is designed to attract a new generation of fans for the four-decade-old franchise, bringing cheers and applause from thousands of Star Wars aficionados at the Star Wars Celebration in Chicago.

Pascal, who was welcomed enthusiastically by the fans at the Chicago event, said he was grateful to be able to play the new «iconic» character in the series, noting that the Mandalorian – who comes from the same planet (Mandalore) as bounty hunter Boba Fett, from the original Star Wars films – is a «questionable character on the moral level» and going on to linking the character to those in «the best Westerns.»

Starring with Pascal in «The Mandalorian, will be Gina Carano and Carl Weathers, and Dave Filoni will take charge of the technical aspects and special effects in the series.

Filoni, who worked on the animated «Star Wars: The Clone Wars» series, has worked hand in glove with Favreau on this new Disney production, which he called a professional «challenge» in that he’s working with live-action now rather than animation.

«The Mandalorian» is focusing Disney’s efforts to present a parallel product to the ongoing set of films as well as a key element for its new and exclusive streaming platform.